Episode 9

Published on:

12th Nov 2020

Topic - Becoming more Successful on Your Appointments

Interview with Jeremy DeMerchant, #1 Best-Selling Author, Award Winning Speaker, founder of Permission To Sell Consulting Group and host of the Sales Team Rescue podcast. Jeremy explains how to be more successful on your appointments by focusing on two components: mindset and framework. Learn how the story you’re telling yourself and the questions you ask determine your success in sales.  For more great content from Jeremy, check out his podcast at SalesTeamRescue.com. Be sure to download a free copy of The 5 C’s of Successful Sales Conversations at PermissionToSell.com/5cs

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About the Podcast

Prospecting as a Process
Proactively growing your business with the telephone
Telephone prospecting is a proven, proactive way to grow your business. You may not realize it, but it is actually a very straightforward business process. A tough one, for sure, but a lot more successful when approached as a process. This podcast interviews prospecting experts to explore the core elements of the telephone prospecting process and ways to assemble them to achieve greater success.

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