Episode 8

Published on:

29th May 2020

Topic - Importance of Understanding the Problems Impacting your Clients

Interview with Keenan of A Sales Guy and author of the best selling book Gap Selling. Keenan explains the importance of connecting with the buyer on a problem level and the benefits of creating a PIC (Problem Identification) chart.

Please visit https://www.asalesguy.com/a-sales-guy-u/ for powerful content to help you become a better salesperson or leader.

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Prospecting as a Process
Proactively growing your business with the telephone
Telephone prospecting is a proven, proactive way to grow your business. You may not realize it, but it is actually a very straightforward business process. A tough one, for sure, but a lot more successful when approached as a process. This podcast interviews prospecting experts to explore the core elements of the telephone prospecting process and ways to assemble them to achieve greater success.

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